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The Visual Power of Virtual Tour Photography

Virtual tour photography offers the viewer so much more than ordinary stills. Through this dramatic photographic technique, the viewer can fully immerse in the scene through the magic of the panoramic experience and enjoy a truer-to-life experience. In today's demand for a greater degree of interaction, virtual tour photography provides a means for unmatched interaction with the subject or setting.

Your website does not have to feel static or boring. 360 Bay Tours will turn your website into a vehicle for providing as close to a live visit as possible. It will breathe new life into your web pages.

In the hands of John Valenti, 360 virtual tour photography truly becomes an art form. For more than 17 years, John has been perfecting the technique. Never satisfied with the results, he continues to strive for perfection, for making his images as life-like as possible. For example, John has found a method for eliminating the flat, distorted or curved horizontals, such as ceiling moldings, seen in much of today's virtual tour photography. His approach has perfected the representation of straight horizontal lines and enhanced 3D likenesses.

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